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The Vision

At Stanford Primary School we aim to produce healthy, enthusiastic children, who are willing to try new sports and initiatives in order to compete and enjoy sports at any level.

To achieve this, we offer coaches at break times to encourage pupils to participate in a fun and competitive manner, within a safe, friendly environment. There are also a range of physical after school clubs available, such as multi-sports, football and tennis.  Great opportunities to develop team skills and positive mental attitudes towards sport. 

In addition to this provision, we also hold the Silver Award for sport, from our work with the Merton Schools Partnership. This allows us to enter interschool competitions and develop our own staff training when necessary. 


 We aim to:

Constantly improve the quality of the teaching of PE across the school with up to date teaching programmes for games, gymnastics and dance, organised by the PE lead.

Develop teachers further with training from sports specialists in more skilled areas such as gymnastics or dance.

Continue to offer a range of physical after school clubs, with a view of further, more unusual, sports opportunities.

Engage ALL pupils in some form of physical activity every day; in class, in the playground, in PE or afterschool hours.

Develop the skills of our competitive teams in order to show a higher success rate within inter-school competitions.

Encourage pupils to eat healthily alongside the physical activities.

Provide opportunities for parental involvement in the children’s sporting activities. E.g. attending competitions, sports day etc.


Sports Funding 2022-23




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