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Intent and Overview


Science is all around us. It is an exciting, core curriculum subject which impacts our everyday lives. We want the children at Stanford Primary School to be able to have the confidence to ask lots of questions about the world around us. We want our children to become young scientists and to develop a sense of curiosity.

By the time the children leave Stanford Primary school they will be able to ask scientific questions, hypothesise, predict, observe, record and conclude their scientific findings with confidence. During their time at Stanford, the children will engage in rich outdoor learning experiences to compliment the science curriculum and develop their wider knowledge of the scientific world through carefully organised school visits. Before they leave the school, all children will be exposed to a range of scientific equipment and be able to use them competently within the school environment.

Specialist scientific vocabulary, knowledge and skills is introduced and built upon throughout the different science units of work and year groups. Each year group will also have the opportunity to learn about famous scientists who have contributed to science in the past with a thought to impact the future.




The National Curriculum for science aims to ensure that all pupils:


Science Curriculum Map

Science Overview 

KS1 Science Knowledge

KS2 Science Knowledge

Science Skills and Vocabulary Progression




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